Unifying the Body of Christ

John 17: 21

Our Mission is simple which is awakening the hearts for the Unity of the Body of Christ, we can't say "I do not need you" because each of us is an intricate part of our mission in Christ. 



Remove The Taboo.

Celebrate Your Similarities.

Be bold in Your Faith. 

Building awareness around those things that have kept us apart and coming into a sacred space that opens our hearts to hear and share with each other will awaken in us the hunger for revival through unification.



It is in a community that we will 

see the fruit of the power of Unity.

We believe building a community that not only grows in love but is willing to surrender ourselves towards each other in other to become one in Christ is what the Kingdom of God looks like.



Revival needs sustainability and it will only come through a culture that is continuously ignited by hope.

Hope is an engine that not only fuels revival but it has the ability to sustain it.  In this, we need each other to be able to encourage and keep the flames going.

Join the Flow.